What Is Synthesis?

Quantum Synthesis, or more simply Synthesis, is the term I use for the process of creating change and personal growth. It is is an amalgam of information and technique– tapping into, and utilizing the power and potential of both the conscious, cognitive part of the mind and the unconscious, more spiritual part of the mind. It begins with building understanding at a cognitive, logical (Western-thinking) level as to how and why the human mind (conscious and unconscious) functions the way it does, and how we develop our physical, emotional and spiritual dysfunctions. Then it introduces the more spiritual aspects of human behavioral dynamics, bridging conventional Western mentality (“I’ll believe it when I see it”) with what we might call Native or Aboriginal traditions termed “the Old Ways” (“I’ll believe it in order to see it”) through the latest discoveries of quantum physics and quantum field theory. This sounds very complex, but it is accomplished through a series of simple and effective metaphorical models: The Seven Deadly Memes, The Human Hologram, The Quantum Reality Equation, The Human Energy System, The McGrail Metaphorical Mind Model (M4), and the Formula for Change.

Self-hypnosis, meditation, visualization in addition to a number of other cognitive techniques and exercises are the primary tools through which Synthesis occurs. The entire process can be described as S to the third, or S cubed™:

Synthesize  – (knowledge and technique leveraging conscious and unconscious);

Synergize  – (balancing and integrating physical, emotional and spiritual energies);

Succeed  – change, grow, and evolve all the way to practical enlightenment; living life powerfully and virtually free of suffering.

What is most important about Synthesis is this: It is simple and it works–profoundly and quickly!