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What Readers and Clients Have to Say…

“It’s exciting to see science and spirituality coming together. Author and clinical hypnotherapist, John McGrail, PhD, makes a strong connection between the two in his recently published book, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation.

The Synthesis Effect at a Glance

McGrail provides a model of the mind and how it develops, while demonstrating the science behind our abilities to manifest the life outcomes we desire. If you’ve become frustrated with your attempts to utilize the Law of Attraction, read The Synthesis Effect.

McGrail reminds us that Western culture is alone in separating the spiritual aspects of our Universe from the observable. Eastern culture, as well as our own Native American Indian culture, has long believed in the interconnection of all life: human, animal, plant, and earth. McGrail attributes Western culture’s lack of belief that all is connected to many of our problems of today….”

Jerry Lopper, www.purpsefulgrowth.com


“Wonderful! Empowering! Life Changing!
I would encourage anyone and everyone to read this book. It is a very well written book and you will find yourself unable to put it down. This book is all about YOU and helping YOU improve YOUR life. The concepts in the book will definitely challenge you to look at the world and your life from a different perspective. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved it! Forget what you know about “self help” books this is like no other, you will certainly benefit from this book. It has definitely been a huge influence in my personal growth and the changes I am making in my life.”

Sarah L. Storrs, CT

“You can’t get a more informative, easy to read, or neatly packaged product to change your life than this book. I couldn’t put this thing down. I have spent over a year now reading up on some of the similar concepts discussed in here but something was always missing. “The Synthesis Effect” brings it all together and explains it in a way that anyone can understand. Dr. McGrail’s models just make perfect sense. It’s exciting and exhilarating to know the power you really have over your life and this book shows you how to have that power. I am and have been recommending “The Synthesis Effect” to everyone I know.”

Amazon Reader Review


 “If you’re in the game of life and you’re not winning….you need a GAME CHANGER! This book is a MUST have for anyone who has something they’d like to change in their life–and who doesn’t.  Reading this book is like having a session with a very kind, very wise, and funny teacher. No pie in the sky, this is some one who knows what they’re talking about and can help people get it. My life will never be the same thanks to this book and this method. BRAVO!”

Amazon Reader Review


 ”I love love this book. He is right on where I am at, and where I want to go.  This is a detailed, easy to read, self-help, spiritual yet scientific book that finally brings it all together. Bringing together the spirituality of our Native community to meeting where we are now. YES! collectively we can, and so I will and this book has made it so easy.  This is definitely a keeper.”


Amazon Reader Review


  “I’ve been reading self-help books all my life; I have never read one that really helped me like this one has.  Dr. McGrail has a way of communicating that is not just comforting but also incredibly effective; he’s real, and he clearly has lived it all.  This book has inspired me; if there is something out of place in your life, read this book–Dr. M will get you right.  Really, all I can say is Wow!”

Barnes & Noble Review


“This book is very well written, educational, interesting and very supportive. The author helps us understand our various states of mind and how they may impact on our lives and why we may be ruled by our negativity. He leads us through this journey of self-awareness with stories about his and his client’s journey with humor, compassion and respect.  I have learned more about my brain and my spiritual potential from reading Dr. McGrail’s book. My life has become fuller as my awareness of who I really am grows. I am so grateful for this kind guidance. I will continue to use this book as a reference and a guide to help me remember the power I have and that everyone has, to be content and to love and respect ourselves as we live our lives.”

Amazon Reader Review


“I have read your book and it has helped me so much. I like the way you help us understand where some of our emotions and feeling and beliefs come from. I also really appreciate how it feels that you and the reader are making this journey together. I am buying your book for several friends and family.”

Ruth Perry


“Dear Dr. John, As soon as I received the email about your book, I ordered it from Amazon. I’ve read the preface, introduction and first chapter. The video you sent reinforced my desire to do the 21 slow, deep, gentle breaths every day. Seeing you on the video and hearing your voice reminded me of my sessions with you a few years ago. Thank you for sharing your learning and expertise with me and others in this new book.
I already have friends in mind who will be receiving your book as a gift from me.”

Connie Vandergriff


 ”My friend Patty was kind enough to buy me your  book;  she found it at Barnes and Noble over the weekend. So, I had the pleasure of beginning it on my plane flight home to Tulsa yesterday.  If I could have reached out from the plane, I would have.  I am quite enthralled with your book!    You have probably heard what I’m going to tell you from many others but I’m happy to repeat.  You have a very easy-to-read writing style that lets the reader imagine that you are in the same room talking face-to-face.  What a wonderful gift you have!  I also find the content compelling and am very anxious to get farther along in the book – I am only to page 46.  Lastly, the book is warm and loving and your energy and happiness exude from each page…”

Mary M, Tulsa Oklahoma


“The simplest way to explain it—when I talk to John, my blood pressure lowers and I feel inspired and in charge of my life. He has demonstrated to me how powerful the mind is… and while I’m a skeptic by nature, I think he’s on to something. He reminds me that “life is supposed to be fun.”

Anne M. Artist, Los Angeles, CA


“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first went to see Dr. John, but I was really pleasantly surprised. The biggest thing I learned is that I have the power to make changes in my life. For me, this was much more powerful than traditional therapy in overcoming my particular struggle. For those of you who are skeptical of hypnotherapy I urge you to see Dr. John—your ideas (and life) will completely change!”

Elizabeth C. Esthetician, Los Angeles, CA


“Thank you for of your expert professional help—I will be grateful for many, many years that I was lead to you.”

Brooke M. Business Executive, Los Angeles, CA 


“Thank you for forever changing my life for the better. You have helped me with issues that have been problems for me since childhood. You are truly a professional and I highly recommend you to family and friends.”

Gehrin O. Mortgage Broker, Los Angeles, CA


“I think you are an excellent teacher.” You made the material so clear and the day was also a lot of fun. Thank you for a great class.”

Maryann Brady, Los Angeles, CA 


“As a CEO, it is my responsibility to maintain a level head and balanced outlook when making critical business decisions. The stress of my role combined with the pace of modern life was manifesting itself in negative behavioral patterns. Through a series of treatments, Dr. McGrail has led me to a point that allows me to monitor and maintain a sense of mental balance and positive energy in my life.”

Chris. R. Corporate CEO, Brooklyn, NY 


“Thanks, Dr. John; with that very short, short meeting, you changed my life completely.”

Vee C. CPA, Los Angeles, CA


“My sessions with Dr. John have had such an incredible impact on so many aspects of my life. Where previously I struggled with my weight and self-confidence, John helped me develop a positive focus for my life that he then reinforced through the hypnotic suggestions. It was all a very natural and pleasurable experience.”

Ashlie L. Media Executive, NY, NY


“I am still amazed that I simply don’t think about smoking any more— I mean I think about it now and then, but it’s simply not an option and that’s it, I’m done. Thank you, Dr. McGrail, for helping me through this in such a painless manner. You’re the best!”

Jackie P. Customer Service Rep, Los Angeles, CA


“You are a terrific communicator! I was amazed by how you made so much information so understandable so fast! What a great class”

Bret Hamilton, Los Angeles, CA


“Well, all the work we’ve done paid off! I’ve met a beautiful woman and recently enjoyed my first evening of intimacy in 8 years! I am not sure what will happen next between us but I am open to all possibilities. I would be content with a relationship developing or just leaving it where it is… So, I just wanted to let you know, thank you for all your help, and confirm what you probably already know: it works! Add another success story to your list. Thanks Doc.”

Dennis L. High School Teacher, Santa Monica, CA


“I was at a party and one of my friends asked me what had been my highlight for the year. I thought about it and then replied, ‘meeting and working with Dr. John McGrail. He has helped me accomplish something I never thought I could.’ I eat so healthily now, I exercise when I can, and I’m feeling so good! This is a lifestyle I can live with for the rest of my life. Thank you, John, for helping me to help myself!”

Miriam M. Teacher, Los Angeles, CA


“Absolutely amazing. Life changing! Don’t hesitate for a moment – go see him today!!! There’s no way I could give him a higher approval or recommendation!”

Chase M. Reno, NV


“I first went to see Dr. McGrail for help with chronic anxiety. My husband was overseas and I was going through a lot of family problems, and one day, out of nowhere I had a panic attack that scared the life out of me. My mother told me about Dr. McGrail helping her with her anxiety issues, so I thought that I would try it since I didn’t want that feeling again and I didn’t want to take medication. At our first session I felt completely at ease talking with him. He explained how my mind works to create thoughts, emotions, feelings and behavior, and how his process and techniques work. Then we started working with his Synthesis process and I found out how wonderful hypnosis feels, and how easy it is to do it. I went back for one follow-up session and I am very happy to say that I have never had another panic attack. I would recommend Dr. McGrail and his process to anyone, and I have already sent several people to him. In fact, I am also planning on going back to work on some other issues in the near future.”

Misty G. Canyon Country, CA